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Joey B. Sleaze

A Man Beyond Comparison!

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Hunkatronic Funkaphonix Deluxe™
16 November 1983
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He wears a red bandanna
Plays the blues piano
In a honky-tonk, down in Mexico

He wears a purple sash
And a black moustache
In a honky-tonk, down in Mexico

◊ Never doubt that I am awesome, great, and terrible. ◊

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a shank in yo' ribs motherfucker!, abstract thought, add n to (x), adventure, african art, ancient eastern culture, andrew chen, baby girl rat baby, being a tattoo artist, being totally sexy, beseeching the cruel fates, black tambourine, blondie, bloody murder, bowling trophies, boys and ghouls, candybars, casing the joint, cavemen, cheerleaders, dada, darwinism, dean ween, drunken slurring, duchamp, egyptian mythology, elaborate systems of levers and pulleys, felix baccardi, fireflies, forks, free fonts, futurism, gene ween, germ cell, get-rich-quick schemes, going 40 mph, goofy pogs, gorillas, grand theft auto, graphic design, green tea with mango, haiku, hating frank burns, hating liverpool, hating pretentiousness, hating strangers with candy, having faith in humanity, having my ego stroked, having the nickname "footlong", hg wells, hiding from the cryptkeeper, hitchhiker's guide, honor among thieves, hot pockets, hugh eatpoo, hugs, intrigue, james brown, joey sleaze, julie sings solo, julio, kinderbügler, kissing girls, ladies and germs, large glass, laverne and shirley, learning to tattoo, learning to play the melodica, leather bracelets, leisure town, like a banshee, living above the law, living fossils, lonesome town, magma, man-machine aesthetic, manchester united, marcel duchamp, masturbating before class/work, max ernst, megatherium, messing with texas, miserable and murderous, mocking xenophobia, mofty, moustaches, mummies, my van nigel, mysterious chicks, mystery, n2o, not a carrot, not anime, not boys in make-up, obscure saints, ogdred levitts' button-smithy, old man thunder, old queen cole, old tmol, one-ness, optimism, palace, paleolithic era, paul scholes, permanence and infinitum, petrid, prom dresses, pseudonyms, punkin seed, pupke, qwwn, really short sleeves, regional partnership, robots, rod serling, rotato, roy lichtenstein, ruing the day, scarves, self-sufficiency in all things, shooting from my hip, ska, sleaze, small tight overlapping circles, spittin' cussin' an' yellin', spontaneous crushes on random cute girls, stfu, strict adherence to the code, stuffed shells, superheroes, surrealism, suspense, tattoo, tattooing, teddy bear picnic, telescoping limbs, the body gallery, the darker emotions, the octopus project, turnips, uncertainty, using my ‘magination, web design, ween, whiskey, witnessing triple-homicides, zombies, Æotrix proper, “petrified wood” huh-huh huh-huh, ●ᴥ●

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